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Despite the growth in rich media on the web, documents are still the way that people confirm their intentions and requirements. Changes in the consumption of video and audio only highlight how little has changed with documents. While the ecosystems that support streaming video and podcasts are rapidly evolving, the tools we use for documentation have barely changed in decades. While this lack of activity could be interpreted as documents becoming less relevant, the slow rate of change could also demonstrate the critical role of documents in business.

For those creating contracts, technical manuals, legislation or regulatory documents in single-user, desktop applications the risk and cost of moving critical documents to a new environment may outweigh the perceived benefits.

What makes PageSeeder different?

PageSeeder is designed around the requirements of people creating mission-critical documents. Whether the complexity is in the data, the workflow or the deliverable document formats, PageSeeder is a proven solution that does not require users to choose between quality and progress.

As a complete rethink of traditional document processing tools, PageSeeder is built on a rich hypertext model that can deliver substantial improvements in quality and productivity but still support legacy technologies such as Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign and XML standards like DITA.

Our case studies explain how PageSeeder meets the demanding requirements of industries such as legislators, pharmaceutical / regulatory bodies, educational institutions and more.



Private email lists, hierarchical editing and workflow for groups, moderated or public document review – PageSeeder is engineered for organizations that need to collaborate.

Powerful document model

PageSeeder Markup Language (PSML) is an open XML document format that can support the most demanding documents. It is proven technology that has delivered millions of pages to users in areas such as legal and regulatory, technical and pharmaceutical publishing and education.

Review, annotation, workflow

Generate lists of changes, share specific documents versions with external groups, post comments against PDF documents, assign tasks and status to content and team members. Create and manage checklists. In all its' flavors, PageSeeder makes document review easy, efficient and auditable!


For more than a decade software vendors have licensed PageSeeder and resold it under their own brand.  These solutions have been installed at Cisco, ISO, Motorola, US Securities Exchange Commission, UK Revenue & Customs, Australian Dept of Finance and many more. Our architecture helps partners to solve technical problems, our licensing  helps them solve commercial problems.

Structured Editing

For sites that need to create and validate documents, PageSeeder has a simple interface able to support complex document structures. Ideal for sites that need to create XML but do not want to install new editing applications.


Developers are not an afterthought for PageSeeder, they are the primary audience. All functionality is exposed through a complete set of  XML / JSON REST-like services. Visit us on GitHub. Take a look at a content API created with PageSeeder.


Getting started

If you want to try PageSeeder right now, visit our demo page. Developers that want to run it locally with administrator rights can download a full version (no registration required).


With years of production experience generating millions of pages for commercial and government publishers, PageSeeder is proven, stable and extremely robust. Our obsession with making professional publishing tools accessible to casual users is why you have not heard of us before.

Competitive pricing

Because the PageSeeder framework is cohesively integrated and offers such complete functionality, the costs of solution development and deployment are extremely competitive. 

Security and privacy

One of the ways that PageSeeder helps to improve the document lifecycle is by providing rock solid security for documents. Unlike other web-based document solutions, we don't believe your use of our software entitles us to harvest data from your content and sell it to marketers. Our product is our software, not our users.

Cloud friendly

PageSeeder has been running on Amazon AWS since 2007. Allette Systems has hosted web applications since the 1990s. Whether your cloud priorities are security, performance, stability or costs, we can help.

Can you help?

Allette Systems has been working with startups to build domain-specific vertical applications with PageSeeder. If you have an idea worth exploring, please get in touch.

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